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The Knights of the Queens' Fianna

Yes - Following the recent knighting of a good number of Squires, the Knights of the Queens' Fianna are looking for more hard-working individuals to become Squires. It's hard work, and there's no denying you get all the crap jobs and get pushed around a lot, but once you become a Knight, you realise it was all worth it.

The Knights are the Queens' personal retinue and their bodyguards are commonly recruited from the ranks of Knights and Squires.

The Knights are also the upholders of law in Caledonia and its sovereign territories.

So contact

Rory MacTwatem, Knight of the Cauldron


Foreign Ministry


Vacancies for Foreign Ministry staff available. 


Also required - Ambassadors and Aides - High mortality rate ensures rapid promotion !


Apply to Bedo McYokel, Foreign Minister





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